Occupational, Hand and Physical Therapy

With over 40 years of combined experience we promise you warm, attentive and effective personal therapy care. We believe that we can help you to feel better, to get stronger, and to increase your energy.  The caring begins the minute to walk in the door. Come and take advantage of our desire to assist you in getting the most out of your body.

“When I was referred to P.T., I couldn’t fasten my bra or pull up my pants- In 3 wks, Austin Andrus “fixed” my problem. It has been a wonderful experience! He is a delightful young man. Thank you, Austin
Wendy- he deserves a raise.”

Linda Haddon

“From my first appointment I was completely comfortable here. It’s such an amazing environment. Every Therapist is clearly knowledgeable and pushes you just enough to ensure progress. i loved coming here and was excited for every appointment. Although I was not able to gain full range of motion in my thumb because of how severe my injury was, I am now able to use it more due to the strength that was built during therapy. I am sad to be moving on from here.”

Kacie Kicinski