Subject: The Great American Eclipse 08/15/2017

On August 21, 2017, the United States is in for something amazing: a total eclipse of the sun. Partial solar eclipses are fairly common, but total solar eclipses don’t often occur over populated areas. Christened the Great American Eclipse, this event marks the first time that a solar eclipse’s path of totality will be only in the United States.


The solar eclipse is coming up fast, so this week, we’re collecting the resources you’ll need to prepare for this amazing astronomical event.

Great American Eclipse

While anyone in the United States will have a decent view of a partial solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, only certain areas will be in what’s called the “path of totality,” meaning they’ll get to see the moon fully cover the sun. This site, dedicated entirely to the Great American Eclipse, pinpoints locations for the best eclipse-viewing experience. It can also be used to plan a great end of summer road trip with your family to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event.


Solar Eclipse: Safe Viewing Techniques

Watching a solar eclipse is one of the most awe-inspiring events you can experience. However, it’s important to remember you’ll still be looking at the sun which is, obviously, incredibly bright. Staring at the sun with your naked eye, even for a few seconds, can cause serious damage. This video lists safe techniques for viewing a solar eclipse in its entirety.


Astronomy Calendar Of Celestial Events

The Great American Eclipse is something to look forward to, but it’s far from the only astronomical event worth watching. Sea and Sky presents a comprehensive calendar of upcoming celestial events for the end of 2017 and beyond! From meteor showers to eclipses, mark your calendar for the amazing sights no stargazer wants to miss.


Just For Fun: The 8 Most Famous Solar Eclipses In History

Ancient people viewed solar eclipses as mysterious and magical events. While, today, we understand eclipses are just natural occurrences, throughout history, some solar eclipses have occurred at truly astonishing times. Check out some of history’s most miraculous solar eclipses to see for yourself.


To the great eclipse,

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