Naturopathic Medicine & Wellness

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Dr. Yadi Narvaez, ND

Dr. Yadi Narvaez came to the Northwest from Puerto Rico to attend Bastyr University, and has since made Whidbey Island home. Before Bastyr, she worked as a biochemistry researcher – until her passion for natural health inspired a career shift. Friends & relatives kept suggesting she become a family doctor, and eventually she listened!

Visits begin with holistic diagnosis, informed by Western and Chinese traditions. Treatments focus on lifestyle counseling, nutrition, and supportive therapies, like botanicals, dry needling, physical medicine, & targeted nutrients. Dr. Narvaez treats every person individually, with attention to mind, body, & spirit.

As a primary care physician, she orders labs & imaging, coordinates referrals, and prescribes medications as needed. She also provides complementary natural care, in collaboration with your existing physician. At Whidbey Wellness Clinic, Dr. Narvaez is excited to work alongside the practitioners at Greenbank Birth Center.

When not practicing, you might find her combing Whidbey beaches with her 5 year old, practicing Qi Gong, or soaking up the elusive Northwest sunshine. She attends regular continuing education – to bring the best of natural family medicine to Whidbey.

Treatments offered:



1 Hour- $90

30 mins- $60


Women’s health & fertility support

Dr. Narvaez supports women towards optimum wellness. She regularly treats premenstrual syndrome, fertility issues, menopause, adrenal and thyroid conditions, weight gain, anemia, fibromyalgia, and postpartum depression. Treatments combine lifestyle counseling, botanicals, nutrition & Chinese medicine.

Dry needling & trigger point therapy

Dry needling works with channels of energy called meridians. Small needles are used to unblock the flow of energy in the body, and relax areas of tension called trigger points. This is an effective therapy for fibromyalgia, arthritis, injury recovery, muscle tension, and other conditions causing chronic pain. Dr. Narvaez completed advanced certification in trigger point therapy with Rachel Weissman, LAc.


Botanical medicine

Botanical medicine is based on the use of plants with healing properties that are taken internally or applied to the skin. Since ancient times, many different cultures have used herbs to treat illness and improve vitality. Currently, research into herbal medicine is on the rise. Treatments are based on traditional knowledge and scientific evidence. All botanicals are sourced from organic & sustainable sources.



Acupressure is especially effective for children, when the use of needles is not an option. Gentle massage at points along meridians supports healing and recovery, particularly for headache, lung conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, and depression & anxiety.


Nutrient therapy

Targeted nutritional medicine, or nutraceuticals, supports healing for many conditions. With increased research into nutritional supplements, treatments are evidence-informed, and Dr. Narvaez is mindful of herb/drug/nutrient interactions. All nutraceuticals recommended are independently tested for quality and efficacy.




Naturopathic Medicine Rates:

Initial Consultation: 1 hour – $​175

Health intake

Physical exam

Diagnosis and lab testing

Lifestyle & treatment recommendations

Educational materials

Dry needling treatment


Follow-Up Consultations: 30 minutes $65 | 1 hour $90


Dry needling $125

Follow up dry needling $85