Occupational Therapy

A typical session of Occupational Therapy at Rue & Primavera happens in our large, open OT space. We have private rooms for OT sessions, but many patients enjoy the buzz of several therapists and patients working around the large table. Therapy is serious, but the mood is light and informal and there is always a lot of laughter. We have three occupational therapists, each with expertise in the upper extremity. If you have injured your hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder, they have the knowledge to get you back in your game.

Most therapy sessions consist of 45 minutes of one-on-one hands-on care. The goal is always to get you back to what you want to be doing.

Benefits of Occupational and Hand Therapy

Occupational therapy is based on achieving or enhancing the ability to engage in the normal activities of day-to-day life. We want to enable our patients to be able to participate in these activities, despite their limitations or impairments in mental or physical functions. Examples of these daily activities include self-care, leisure, work, community and domestic activities.

Occupational therapy provides patients the chance to understand their condition, and work toward specific goals of movement and reduced pain.

Occupational therapy will assist you to enhance both your physical and mental health through exercising. Using the physical exercises from OT, the treatment of any condition is accelerated, leading to a quicker recovery. Exercise is one of the most important parts of most courses of treatment and the same applies for occupational therapy. The exercise programs usually vary depending on each OT patient and they are supposed to be practiced daily.

We are willing to meet with you before you start therapy, so that you can check us out and see for yourself the space as well as meet the therapists.

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