Strong Bone Pilates

Bone Health- 6-week course

Welcome to Pilates for Bone Health with Dawna Giem, DPT, PRPC with Rue and Primavera Occupational and Physical Therapy!

We are offering two 6-week courses every Tuesday, starting February 18th 2020 – March 24th 2020.

First Course: 5:45pm-6:45pm

Second Course: 7:15pm-8:15pm

Courses will be held at The Center in Oak Harbor. We will provide the mats and poles and will be offering a props bag for purchase that you can use in the class and have for home use. The prop bag is $40 and will include a 9” overball, a tennis ball, one oval fascial ball (spiny ball, one resistive loop and one resistive band. To order a prop bag please call our office 360.279.8323. The 6-week course cost $120/person. Each course is limited to 6 people. To reserve your spot you must register and prepay.

The inspiration for the development of this class was in part from Sara Meeks, PT who has pioneered safe exercise for Osteoporosis for decades and is the author of Walk Tall, as well as other Physical Therapists who are also Pilates instructors and from the course concepts of the Pilates method itself. I have also made my own modifications and we will spend part of the first class in developing the core concepts of safe spinal movement patterns and exercises to reinforce this and then each class will build on the previous one so that you have time to reinforce what you have learned.

For those of you who currently have Osteoporosis and fragility fracture, or have concerns over whether you can participate in this type of class, please contact our office for a one on one consult or contact your healthcare provider for a referral for Physical Therapy.