About the Company

Rue/Primavera Family

Our Story

Nearly twenty years ago, Thomas and Wendolyn decided to leave the hospital setting and set up a private practice for physical and occupational therapy. After decades of working in hospitals and outpatient clinics, occupational/hand therapist Thomas Primavera decided to open up his own clinic. He knew he had something special to offer his patients. With his knowledge, experience and his ability to connect with people, he felt that by getting away from the big corporate atmosphere and going on his own, he could give more.

It was all about building a place that would sync with our core values, while offering a warm and friendly place to land for those who are in pain or for those who could benefit from our expertise.

Thomas started in a tiny room on the second floor of a building. The practice grew so fast that it startled him! People were climbing the stairs to see him; they were sending their friends and family, they were getting the results they wanted and it was an added benefit to spend a full 45 minutes with a therapist, laughing and having fun.

After a year, Thomas asked his wife, physical therapist Wendolyn Rue, to join him. “We had our own ideas about what we could offer patients based on what we would want. We did not care much about fancy equipment and big sweaty gyms. We wanted to build a place that was warm and welcoming: to steal the words from the show “Cheers” – where everyone knows your name,” Wendolyn says. “Thomas and I have always been passionate about continuing our learning, gaining skills and offering more and more tools to our patients. We think that our professions are the most valuable in the medical field today because we spend at least 45 minutes one-on-one with each patient. We know you. We have the luxury of time to hear what you need. After years of treating patients, I know that the patient will tell me what is wrong; I just need to listen. I can test and measure and observe but listening makes all the difference. We love what we do! If this stops, then we will stop.”

Are you ready to feel better?

We can help you in so many ways! You may not know all that we can do for you, so tell us what hurts. Tell us what you want to be able to do. Tell us about the freedom and youthfulness that you are yearning for, and we will work with you to accomplish your goals.

Physical and occupational therapy will give you the tools you need to start moving and regain vitality. We have the luxury of time to get to know you and discover what your personal needs are. We thrive on solving the puzzle that each individual body presents to us, and we love what we do! Your therapy sessions will be at least 45 minutes of one-on-one care in a warm and friendly environment.