Helping Our Community

Helping our community
We love our kids – So let’s protect them strong. If your kids play sports they are at risk of getting a concussion or head injury. We can do a baseline test on your athlete that can be used for comparison if there is an injury.  This Baseline can help your doctor detect early signs of brain injury to allow early intervention.   (This is not an intelligence test.) We are offering this test as a community service during the summer. We only ask that you pay for the fee for the computerized testing portion (a fee that we must pay)$15. The athlete will be evaluated by a physical therapist for balance, strength and memory. You will keep this baseline evaluation in your childs medical records to be used again only if they get injured.  It is easy and we will try and make it fun too. Please call and speak with Wendy 360 279-8323 for any questions.