Neck Pain & Headaches

At R&P our therapists are trained to evaluate and determine the cause of your neck pain, but we know that what you want most is pain relief.  Relieving you from your pain will be the first priority.  Most likely this will mean hands on therapy.  We can also use cold laser to the tender trigger points, ultra-sound to relax the muscles or deep tissue laser to reduce inflammation.

Some people need traction.


Long term relief may mean looking at how you sit at your desk or in your car.  How do you hold your head when reading? What kind of pillow are you using when you sleep…


Working on the strength and mobility of your neck, upper back and shoulders are also crucial to healing but we must look closely at your unique set of conditions  and create a program just for you and your neck.


Common causes for neck pain:

Muscle strain


Whiplash injuries


Cervical disc degeneration

Nerve impingement or “pinched nerve”



Many people suffer from daily headaches.  The cause can be difficult to figure out since it can be due to so many different things from postural dysfunction to fragrances / allergies to vision…

We can help you figure out if therapy can help or if you need to see another kind of specialist.

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