Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy sessions are currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We thrilled to have partnered with Oak Harbor’s John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool to offer aquatic physical therapy. Aquatic therapy is a gentle, accessible, and safe treatment option for patients who have difficulty moving without pain.

What’s Aquatic Therapy Like?

Imagine yourself in the water with a trained and trusted therapist by your side. You feel safe and weightless, and are able to move without pain. You can float and let your muscles relax. You can walk without fear of falling.

Aquatic therapy is perfect for someone who has pain that affects their mobility or patients who don’t want to move because “everything hurts.” We’ve seen the freedom of movement patients feel at last bring tears to their eyes, and how much of a difference working in the water can make – not only for a patient’s body, but for their confidence and quality of life.

What Can Aquatic Therapy Accomplish?

Working in water offers many advantages you can’t get elsewhere. The natural buoyancy of your body in the pool reduces the gravitational pull, which is why movements are so much easier. The warmth of the water also facilitates the circulation of blood and helps relax your muscles. For patients rehabilitating an injury, it is very difficult to over-exert or re-injure yourself in the pool, because your movements are forcibly slowed from the mass of the water. Finally, the movements we can do in the water are virtually endless because the physical limitations patients usually experience are reduced or eliminated.

The strength patients gain in the water carries over to their movements on land, and you will see improvements in endurance, balance, and muscle fatigue after only a few sessions. If this sounds like something right for you, call us to learn more!

Added bonuses:

  • The John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool has an automatic lift to help patients into and out of the pool.
  • Aquatic therapy is covered by most insurance!

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