Rue and Primavera is one of the best clinics in Washington for hand therapy, and this specialization extends to include making custom splints for patients who require upper extremity immobilization. Our therapists Tom Primavera and Kegan Murphy excel in custom splinting, and strive to fabricate splints that offer effective immobilization with the least amount of restriction possible to facilitate your daily activities throughout the entire rehab process!

What is Splinting Used For?

When there is a musculoskeletal abnormality, sometimes the best therapy is immobilization. A splint immobilizes the affected joints, bones, or specific area to reduce pain and allow proper healing to occur. When appropriate, a custom splint is made by the therapist specifically for that patient’s upper extremity. This could be anywhere from a small finger splint to a larger elbow splint, always customized to that specific patient for a perfect fit.

What To Expect During a Splinting Session

The splints are made on site, usually during the patient’s initial evaluation session. Education is given on home use, wearing schedule, and proper hygiene during this fabrication process. The splint is then often remolded during subsequent treatment sessions as the patient gains more range of motion, has decreased swelling, and has increased functional use of their upper extremity.

Splinting may be appropriate for any of the following conditions:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis
Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
Nerve Palsy
Dupuytren’s Contracture
Tendon Lacerations
Chronic Overuse Injuries

What About After Surgery?

It is very common for surgeons to recommend a custom-made splint following a surgery. Tendon repairs, hand and wrist fractures, arthroplasties, Dupuytren’s releases, and ligament repairs are all examples of surgeries that could require immobilization through use of a splint in tandem with regular hand therapy.

Whether you are experiencing chronic hand pain, have experienced a recent fall that injured your wrist, or have an upper extremity surgery scheduled in the near future, call us at Rue and Primavera for premier custom splinting!

rue and primavera
Great overall experience at Rue and Primavera. I had just had pins installed in my hand prior to my first visit to have a custom brace made by Kegan, and couldn’t really move my hand at all. Within two months, the pins were removed and I didn’t require any more therapy. This quick recovery of motion and strength is due 100% to Kegan’s stretches, movements, and grip strength exercise. Kegan, as well as the entire front office staff, were always cheerful and pleasant. I would absolutely request R&P for any future physical therapy.

Brandon T. October 2020