Vestibular Rehabilitation

Are you dizzy? Do you have problems with your balance? Do you suffer from vertigo or gaze instability? You may have vestibular disorder!

Vestibular Disorder is caused by a malfunctioning of the vestibular system, which includes the inner ear and parts of the brain and controls your balance and eye movements. Those who suffer from vestibular disorder also often experience secondary symptoms like anxiety and depression or reduced interest in an active lifestyle.

What Does Vestibular Rehabilitation Entail?

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is a specialized kind of treatment that addresses both the root causes of vestibular disorder and also its symptoms. We can help your body and brain learn to compensate using other senses with special exercises, and help you fully identify the extent of the problem or areas of damage. Though the exercises will likely make your symptoms seem worse at first, you will soon develop much greater control and feel improvements on all fronts.

Come in for an assessment at Rue and Primavera and let us help find the cause and give you the tools that you need to stop the spinning, headaches, falling, or dizziness.

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