Women’s Health


Dr. Dawna Giem PT DPT                 Women’s health specialist

Women’s health matters!


“Prior to visiting Rue & Primavera I was having extreme pain during intercourse. I was extremely busy in my work/school/social live and training intensely for a marathon to boot. I felt lost and unable to fix this health issue. The stress built up over a 6th month period. It affected my relationship and my emotional well being as much as it did my physical health. After less than a handful of consultations I became completely aware of all of the factors contributing to this pain. Many doctors found it impossible to diagnose. With Rue & Primavera I was given perspective, a P.T. regime. I learned how to balance my life and surprise, no more pain with intercourse!”                         – Laura J.


breast cancer

Wendolyn Rue PT MLD                     women’s health specialist

We offer women a  private and serene atmosphere  to receive the therapy and care that they need.  Physical therapists Wendolyn Rue and Dawna Giem will work with you one on one to help you get back to normal.  Call and speak with one of us directly.

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